Between 2018 and 2021, the Township of Uxbridge replaced the culvert running under Brock St. W. This was the largest infrastructure project in the Township’s history. The culvert conveys the Uxbridge Brook underneath downtown Uxbridge for 200 m beginning at Centennial Dr.

The culvert was replaced because it exhibited significant structural deficiencies. There was widespread deterioration, and the culvert was past the end of its useful life. One portion of the culvert under Brock St. was a stone arch that was over 120 years old. The culvert was not sized appropriately to prevent flooding during severe weather events.

Completing the project removed a significant flood risk to downtown Uxbridge for the land beside the main branch of Uxbridge Brook, from Elgin Pond to just north of Brock Street. Now that the project is complete, many properties in the vicinity will move out of the flood plain which means they can be redeveloped.

The project was funded by the Township of Uxbridge with grants from the Region of Durham, the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada.

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