Council highlights for April 25, 2022:
  • Trails and Parks Received Earth Day Clean up
    Council thanked the many volunteers who took time to tidy boulevards, roadsides, parks and trails for Earth Day.
  • Two Township Employees Receive Long Term Service Awards
    Jennifer Beer, Administrative Coordinator in Development Services received a 15-year service award and Donna Condon, Treasurer, received a 10-year service award.
  • Council Urged to Support Development Intensification to Reduce Urban Sprawl
    presentation to Council urged the Township of Uxbridge to consider prioritizing urban intensification in the Official Plan. The presentation was related to the Envision Durham consultation process to create a Regional Official Plan.
  • Census Data Shows Minimal Growth in the Township of Uxbridge
    Council received a Region of Durham Growth Population Report which showed 3.1% population growth in the Township. The report was based on 2021 Census Data.
  • Discussion on Effectiveness of Ontario Land Tribunals
    After receiving a letter from the City of Oshawa, Council discussed creating an Uxbridge centred resolution about Ontario Land Tribunals which it will bring forward at a future Council meeting after consultation with staff.
  • New Signal to Aid Pedestrians Crossing at Intersection of Toronto and Brock St.
     The Region of Durham will be installing a new pedestrian leading interval signal on April 29 th . The leading pedestrian interval will improve pedestrian safety by allowing pedestrians to enter the intersection five seconds before vehicles receive a green indication signal. This enhancement allows pedestrians to have a greater presence and advance visibility in the crosswalk reinforcing their right of way over turning vehicles.

Watch the video of the April 25th , 2022 Council Meeting.
This is not an official record of Council or Standing Committee of Council meetings. Visit for official minutes. For more information contact the Clerk’s Department at 905 852 9181.

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