Whitby Ontario – As part of Durham Region Transit’s (DRT) Ridership Recovery Framework to encourage and increase transit ridership, DRT is excited to introduce a new transit network designed to meet current and projected customer demand, from early morning to late night. Residents will have access to public transit no matter where they live, work or are travelling to within the region.

An innovative approach to transit service, the September 28 service plan delivers increased frequency and availability of service with a three-pronged approach. This will ensure maximum flexibility for customers and alignment with current and projected ridership trends and patterns.

1. Frequent network providing 15 minutes or less wait times on weekdays, from 07:00 to 19:00, on the following high-volume corridors: 

  • Highway 2 West
  • Simcoe Street
  • King/Bond Streets
  • Taunton Road
  • Rossland Road

2. Grid network with 30-minute or less wait times, seven days a week, on the following north-south and west-east cross roads: 

  • Whites Road
  • Bayly/Victoria/Consumers
  • Olive/Harmony
  • Harwood Avenue
  • Salem Road
  • Brock/Baldwin
  • Park Road
  • Wilson Road
  • Ritson Road
  • Highway 2 East (Bowmanville)

3. New On Demand service replacing local routes that continue to experience low ridership, offering service to customers in these areas when and how they need it: stop-to-stop within a zone, facilitating connections to frequent and grid routes, or to the local GO station or bus terminal. On Demand service is also extending throughout Clarington, delivering safe and reliable transit access across the region, with access to new DRT scheduled service connecting Bowmanville to Oshawa.

To support these service enhancements, DRT is launching a new, interactive, mobile app solution that will allow customers to plan and book their trips in real-time right from their mobile device at their convenience. Two apps are required to use On Demand: Transit app (called “Transit” in the App Store and Google Play) and DRT On Demand. Alternatively, customers can still call in to speak with a booking agent to book their trip.

This new approach to On Demand provides customers with a modern and seamless travel experience. The Transit app is where customers will plan their trip, access real-time bus status updates, and receive notifications (think of this as your travel dashboard), and will connect directly to the DRT On Demand app; customers will be prompted to download DRT On Demand within the Transit app. The DRT On Demand app provides the information about rides available in the customer’s area (think of it as your booking agent). Customers can download both the Transit and DRT On Demand apps from either the App Store or Google Play Store.

The September 28 service change also includes the following service enhancements, some of which were previously approved in the 2020 service plan, and are based on ridership trends and customer feedback: 

  • PULSE 901 Simcoe bus rapid transit (BRT) will now serve Simcoe Street with additional frequent service.
  • Route 902 King will connect Clarington to Oshawa providing seamless service for residents of and visitors to Clarington.
  • Route 917 Bayly/Victoria/Consumers will connect Pickering to Oshawa ensuring continuous west to east service south of the 401.

 Quick Facts

  • These service enhancements are part of ongoing initiatives to enhance transit services and provide more frequent, flexible and available services to residents of and visitors to Durham Region.
  • Two apps are needed for the mobile solution with the new On Demand service: Transit app helps customers plan their trip, access real-time bus status updates, and receive service notifications; the DRT On Demand app provides information about rides available in the customer’s area. These two apps are integrated to optimize and simplify the customer experience.
  • The new service network aligns with current and projected ridership trends and patterns.

For more details about the new On Demand service, zones on our system map, as well as how to download and use the new mobile app solution, visit durhamregiontransit.com.

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