No parking signs are in place along Conc. 6 and Conc. 7 south of Reg. Rd 21 in the Township of Uxbridge to restrict on-road parking.

The changes were to address safety concerns arising from significant increases in traffic and parking congestion related to trail usage.  The Township engaged a traffic engineering consultant to conduct a parking review study to examine the road conditions along Concession 6 and 7, between Goodwood Rd. and the Uxbridge-Pickering Townline, and identify options to address safety and fire route access concerns.

Parking restrictions include:

  • No parking in certain areas or sections of Concession 7 from Goodwood Rd. to Uxbridge-Pickering Townline
  • No parking in certain areas or sections of Concession 6 from Allbright Rd. south to Uxbridge-Pickering Townline

These new parking restrictions came into effect in July, 2022.

On-road parking safety concerns include:

  • Obstruction for emergency vehicle access
  • Limited sightlines
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Difficulty safely loading and unloading from parked vehicles
  • Challenges for residents to enter and exit their driveways
  • Congestion/crowding on both sides of roadways from parked vehicles using trails

In 2021 the Township also added a new parking lot on Conc. 7 to help address congestion.

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