The Township of Uxbridge advises residents that Storm Water management ponds are not safe for recreational use.

Storm water ponds collect run-off from surface water and from storm sewers. The fluctuating temperatures and presence of road salts can create thin or unstable ice and potentially hazardous conditions. Water levels in these ponds can change rapidly.

The Township does not monitor the water level or ice thickness at any stormwater ponds and the Township assumes no responsibly for unintended use. Residents are asked to exercise caution at all times around frozen ponds or bodies of water.

Local Municipalities, including Uxbridge, are obligated to monitor and enforce COVID-19 social distancing rules and to prevent gatherings which are mandated through Provincial Orders currently in force under the Reopening Ontario Act. Outdoor gatherings of more than 5 people, and playing hockey and other team sports are not permitted during the current Provincial lockdown Orders. The Township is reinforcing existing rules and best practices around using Storm Water ponds as part of their obligation to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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