The Township of Uxbridge welcomes Team Rubicon Canada to the Township to assist residents and property owners with storm response operations.  Team Rubicon Canada is a registered charity and volunteer-based disaster response organization that sends skilled disaster response teams into areas requiring assistance. The teams are made up of Canadian Military veterans, first responders and passionate civilians who have the expertise and specialized equipment to quickly assess damage to properties and put together a safe work plan at no cost to homeowners. The Township is extremely grateful for the assistance of Team Rubicon Canada.

 Teams will be deployed in Uxbridge for the next few weeks to assist those with damaged properties, with minor repairs, and tree and debris clean-up. Residents who wish to request the free services of Team Rubicon can call 647.469.8659 or email to speak to a team member. Teams will also be going door-to-door in impacted areas offering support. For more information on Team Rubicon Canada visit

The Township is grateful for the support Team Rubicon will offer residents. Each team will make arrangements with the property owner and resident to undertake any work on site before work begins. Team Rubicon operates independently from the Corporation of the Township of Uxbridge.

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