Between September 18th to September 25th, the Township of Uxbridge Downtown Revitalization Committee will be conducting 'on-the-street’ surveys. The team will be found on Brock Street between Victoria Street and Main Street. The surveys are very short, seeking insight about why people are coming into the downtown, where they are from (by postal code) and what they would like to see downtown. Interviews will be conducted with residents and visitors alike.

The goal is to capture information about the types of businesses, events, services or amenities that draw people to the downtown, where people who visit the downtown are from, and what those people would like to see implemented in the future. Volunteers conducting the surveys on behalf of the Downtown Revitalization Project Committee will be masked and following COVID protocols.

If you see a survey team when you are in our downtown core, please stop and say hello and share your opinions with the team.

For more information about the surveys, or the project, please visit

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