Downed Trees and Limbs

Residents in urban Uxbridge or hamlets are asked to neatly pile tree debris (regardless of size) curbside. Township staff and contractors will be chipping smaller debris and removing large debris. Please do not pile debris so that sidewalks or roadways are blocked. Please be patient as this process will take some time. 

Residents are asked to have all tree debris out to the curb for a final pick-up by 8am on Monday, June 13th.

Residents can drop of leaf and yard waste at any Regional Waste Management Facility, at no charge, until 8pm on Saturday, June 4th. The two facilities closed to Uxbridge are:

  • Scugog Waste Management Facility - 1623 Reach St., Port Perry
  • Brock Waste Management Facility - C22480 Brock Sideroad 17, Brock Township

The hours at all Waste Management Facilities will be extended to 8pm until Saturday, June 4. To learn more please visit . Curbside collection of leaf and yard waste will also continue.

Residents and contractors with chipped tree debris can drop them at the Arena until Monday, June 13th. They will not be accepted after this date. Residents can collect the chipped tree debris for mulch until June 13th.

Disposal of Waste

The Region of Durham waste bins located at the Seniors Centre (75 Marietta Dr.) and Arena parking lot (291 Brock St. W.) will be accepting shingles, storm debris and yard furniture until Monday, June 13th. Please do not put trees or yard waste in the bins; all tree debris is to be left curbside for pickup.

Residents should dispose of food waste with regular green bin pick up.

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