The BIA functions as a Committee of Council for the Township of Uxbridge. The Township collects BIA levies and assigns the BIA Board of Directors the responsibility to use these funds for beautification projects, promotions, and events that will attract residents and tourists alike to shop, dine, and discover Uxbridge. The BIA is governed by Procedural By-laws which have been approved by Council. To keep Council aware of the BIA projects and initiatives, the BIA attends Council twice each year to updates them.

The Importance of BIAs

Learn more about the importance of BIAs as advocators, marketers, investors and influencers in your local community. Watch the What is a BIA video or view the Value of BIAs presentation to better understand the value that BIAs bring toward developing and maintaining neighbourhoods as vibrant, thriving and resilient local business districts!

The Four Pillars of BIA Work:

  • Public Realm Investors
  • Area Marketers
  • Policy and Partner Influencers
  • Event Executors

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