Terms of Reference for the Uxbridge Business Improvement Area

Our Vision:

Grow and maintain solidarity amongst business owners, encourage community supported services and bustling retail businesses achieved by instituting beautification and improvement initiatives implemented by the BIA the Board of Management.

The Uxbridge BIA works towards the realization of the following goals:
  • to implement street level beautification and streetscaping - of membership within assigned boundaries
  • to encourage joint initiatives amongst membership with mutually beneficial advertising and growth projects, utilizing market research, information gathering, and implementing ongoing strategic plans
  • to encourage and facilitate the exchange of information and ideas through meetings, newsletters, networking, the BIA website, seminars, and workshops for the benefit of the Members of the BIA;
  • to pool financial and intellectual resources to benefit and protect business interests;
  • to promote the BIA to the municipality and the residents as well as encourage tourists and visitors to the Township
Provide supportive economic growth strategies through developing goals and objectives with a flexible and realistic budget, to promote shopping and services through streetscaping, marketing campaigns and improving community ambiance.
Board of Management
  • The BIA Board of Management shall consist of up to seven (7) Directors and no less than five (5) Directors nominated by the BIA Membership and/or appointed by Council, of whom two (2) shall be members of Council elected from the electoral wards within the BIA boundaries
  • The BIA Board of Management shall elect from its ranks a Chair and Vice Chair, who shall serve for the term of Council or until they resign the position
  • The BIA Board of Management may create committees of the BIA Board of Management to address specific portfolio issues. Each committee must have one (1) sitting Director of the BIA Board of Management
Meeting Structure & Format
  • Regular Meetings of the Board of Management will be held once per month. Meetings are open to the public.  A full annual schedule of meetings will be made available to Members in December for the following calendar year
  • Quorum at all meetings with the exception of the Annual General Meeting shall be a simple majority of the total BIA Board of Management, excluding any vacancies. Subcommittees and working committees are subject to quorum rules
  • Meeting notices will be posted to the BIA website, Township page in the Cosmos newspaper, private Facebook group and included in the BIA newsletter
  • All Regular Meetings of the Board of Management are open to all Members to attend
  • Meeting Agenda’s and approved Meeting Minutes will be posted on the BIA website
  • Special Meetings and Emergency meetings will be called when required and in accordance with the BIA by-laws

BIA Logo

  • The BIA logo is an identifying symbol that represents the Uxbridge Business Improvement Area only. Use of the logo is not permitted without the prior consent of the BIA Board of Management
  • Alterations of the BIA logo are not permitted without the prior consent of the Board of Management

BIA Website

  • The website is a vital communication tool to the membership and the community and provides opportunity to clarify the mandate and objective of the BIA.
  • All communications to be posted or updated on the website shall be completed by the Business Facilitator
  • The website is in compliance with accessibilities guidelines
  • Website supports all three partners of the BIA; the business community; municipality and property owners

Social Media

  • Social media is a dynamic communication tool to the represent services and businesses to the entire community and prospective tourists
  • All communications posted or updated via social media channels shall be completed by the BIA Facilitator or Chair/Vice-Chair in their absence
  • All social media communication must adhere to the rules and guidelines of the BIA Social Media Policy
  • Social media must fairly represent BIA members that are active and engaged with their social media accounts

Member Communications

  • A list of BIA Business Members will be maintained and reviewed quarterly for accuracy
  • The Business Facilitator will be responsible for the updating of the list and use this information to update email database lists
  • Business Members can join the private Facebook group (Uxbridge Ontario Business Owners) at their discretion
  • Member communications will be distributed via the BIA website, email (via MailChimp) and the private Facebook group
The BIA shall be governed by the following documents
  • BIA Rules of Procedure as adopted by adopted by By-Law 2013-015 (Passed January 28, 2013) and
    • As amended by By-Law No. 2015-144 (Passed December 14, 2015)
    • As amended by By-Law No. 2017-140 (Passed September 25, 2017)
    • Memorandum of Understanding as adopted by By-Law 2015-040 (Passed March 23, 2015)

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