With over 300km of trails, Uxbridge is designated the Trail Capital of Canada. The trail system within the Township of Uxbridge sees over 100,000 visitors annually and this number is predicted to grow. The Trail Sustainability Project was created to fund enhanced services and amenities such as garbage collection, trail and parking maintenance and washrooms, all of which come with an increase in trail traffic. The project has introduced a pay-to-park system via the Paiy app at trail head locations within the Township. Users of the app will view advertisements showcasing local businesses and encouraging users to spend time downtown as part of their visit to the Township.  

This pilot anticipates leveraging the technology from the Paiy app to boost visibility of BIA businesses to out-of-town visitors who may not know about the wonderful products and services available beyond the trails. The Apres Trail pilot is an amazing opportunity to advertise your business for FREE! 

How can you take part?

  • PROMOTE your business, featured product or service to a brand-new out-of-town market. 
  • CONSIDER what your business can offer an out-of-town visitor hiking or cycling our trails: maps/books, a post-hike beverage, repairs to their bike/cellphone, a meal to enjoy while discussing their adventure, better footwear for their next hike... and tailor your ad to offer them a solution.
  • OFFER a discount to further entice them to your location – it needn’t be too much, and will allow you to track your success.
  • PROVIDE a logo, image or graphic. Assistance is available for your initial advertisement.
  • INFORM your customers of the new program via our cards shown below.

Township of Uxbridge businesses and residents are able to obtain a permit at no charge by registering on the app. Contact Heather Gayman, Project Lead for Trail Sustainability and Après Trail at hgayman@uxbridge.ca for assistance.

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