If you own a property in the Township of Uxbridge, you are responsible for clearing any snow, slush or ice within 24 hours of the snowfall. Review the Snow Removal By-law for a full list of regulations about snow removal.

Snow removal requirements

You need to clear snow, slush and ice from:

  • All sidewalks beside the property or building you own
  • The roof of any building on your property that is beside a sidewalk

If you do not clear snow within 24 hours of the snowfall, we will clear the snow from the sidewalk or roof. You are responsible for paying any costs associated with clearing the snow.

Do not clear snow, slush or ice:

  • Onto a municipal highway in a way that creates a safety hazard
  • In a way that could cause damage to the sidewalk or curb
  • In a way that obstructs access to a fire hydrant

Fire Hydrants

Please be a good neighbour and help us keep fire hydrants clear of any obstructions, including snow and ice.

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