By-law Enforcement

In the Township of Uxbridge, we strive to protect and enhance our community. Our municipal by-laws set standards to protect property and community values. 

View our Regulatory By-laws for a complete list. Common issues include property standards complaints, noise complaints and animal control.

Complaint Process

The By-law Enforcement department investigates complaints they receive and confirms they are valid. Once a by-law violation is confirmed, the By-law Enforcement department will strive to obtain voluntary compliance with our by-laws through public education and mediation. Complaints unable to be resolved through this method may move to further action, such as Notices and Orders.

While the municipality will offer assistance or direction with respect to a By-law concern over the phone, Staff will not initiate an investigation without first receiving the complaint in writing.

formal policy and procedure governs how staff respond to a request for service as it relates to by-law enforcement.

How to submit a By-law concern via Cloudpermit

The Township of Uxbridge is pleased to offer residents Cloudpermit – an online system to submit concerns.

Step 1:  Start creating a concern/complaint by selecting the 'Report a Concern' button.

Step 2: Search for a property by typing an address or by moving and zooming on the map. Click on the property to place a pin for the location of the complaint.

Step 3: Select 'Create Complaint' from the panel on the right side of the map. Fill in the required information. You can describe the exact location of the concern/complaint if it is, for example, outside of the property borders and you want to help the by-law enforcement officer find the location more easily.

Step 4: Verify and ‘Submit’ your concern/complaint for review.

Need help? Visit Cloudpermit Support for answers to commonly asked technical questions about the platform.

Report a Complaint

By-law infractions that you wish to have investigated by our By-law Enforcement Officers must be submitted formally in writing. If you would like to report a By-law violation, please complete and submit a complaint using the link below. We ask that when providing a description of the issue, any information regarding the following items be added to the complaint, if known:

  • Have Police attended the property previously?
  • How many people live at the property?
  • Are you aware of any violent altercations that have taken place involving the residents of the property in question?
  • Are there any dogs on the property?

Report a Complaint

If you are having trouble using the online form tool above you can also pick up a paper copy from Town Hall.

Please note that all information submitted is protected under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and as per the Act, By-law Services cannot provide updates on the status of any file.

If you have an inquiry, please call 905-852-9181 ext. 205 or email  If you would like to report a By-law violation, please complete and submit a complaint using the 'Report a Complaint' link above.

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