The Council Township of Uxbridge consists of the mayor and six councillors who are elected every four years. Council, along with a variety of boards and advisory committees govern the Township of Uxbridge.

Review the council/committee meeting calendar and agendas and minutes to stay informed.

Attend a Council/Committee Meeting

Would you like to present or speak before Council on a certain topic? Learn how to request a delegation and speak at an upcoming council or standing committee meeting.


Mayor Dave Barton

You can contact Mayor Dave Barton by email or give him a call at 416-819-4119

Regional Councillor

Reg. Councillor Bruce Garrod

Contact Bruce Garrod by email or give him a call at 416-788-5388

Local Councillors

Ward 1 Councillor

Ward 1 Councillor Pam Beach

Contact Pamela Beach by email or give her a call at 647-467-3105

Ward 2 Councillor

Ward 2 Councillor Gord Shreeve

Contact Gord Shreeve by email or give him a call at 647-324-8464

Ward 3 Councillor

Councillor Ward 3 Zed Pickering

Contact Zed Pickering by email or give him a call at 647-515-0684

Ward 4 Councillor, Deputy Mayor 

Councillor Ward 4 Willie Popp

Contact Willie Popp by email or give him a call at 416-735-4851

Ward 5 Councillor

Councillor Ward 5 Todd Snooks

Contact Todd Snooks by email or give him a call at 416-571-3076

Ward maps

Check out our ward maps to find out which ward you live in.

Council Code of Conduct

Review the Council Code of Conduct. If you believe a council member has contravened the Code of Conduct, you can follow steps to file a complaint with the Integrity Commissioner.


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