In the Township of Uxbridge, we are committed to making our community accessible. Businesses are required to provide accessible parking spaces. Review the Consolidated Traffic By-law for more details about accessible parking in the Township.

Apply for a permit

You can apply for an accessible parking permit through Service Ontario. This permit allows for on-street parking in accessible parking spaces throughout Ontario.

According to the Consolidated Traffic By-law, no person shall park in an accessible parking space unless that person is in lawful possession of a permit and:

  • Is a person with a disability; or
  • Is transporting a person with a disability who is in possession of a permit

Accessible parking spaces

Every owner and operator of a parking lot must provide a minimum number of accessible parking spaces.

Accessible Parking Space Requirements
Total number of parking spaces in a lot Number of accessible spaces required
1 to 50 1
51 to 100 2
101 to 150 3
151 to 200 4
201 to 400 5
401 to 800 8
Over 800 8 plus 1 for every additional 200 spaces

Accessible parking space size regulations

Each accessible parking space shall be:

  • Level with a maximum of 1.5% running slope for drainage
  • A minimum width of 4 m
  • A minimum length of 5.3 m
  • A minimum vertical clearance of 2.75 m
  • Located so sidewalks, paths or walkways are accessible to all people
  • Identified by an official accessible parking sign

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