There are a variety of boards, committees and initiatives that advice Township Council on important issues. Browse our committees and learn how to get involved.

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Applicants are selected in accordance with the Township's Public Appointment Policy.

Our committees

Learn about each board and committee in the Township of Uxbridge.

Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Accessibility Advisory Committee provides advice to council about the accessibility plan and how to create an accessible community.

Active Transportation Committee

The Active Transportation Committee advocates for and assists with the development and implementation of active transportation, such as bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways. This includes the development of plans and policies.

Age Friendly Committee

The Age Friendly Committee recommends ways to develop programs and services for all ages. This includes encouraging residents to age in place with a variety of age-friendly initiatives.

Agricultural Advisory Committee

The Agricultural Advisory Committee provides input to council about agricultural matters. This includes provincial and regional policy decisions, which affect the agricultural community.

Arts and Visual Enhancement Committee

The Arts and Visual Enhancement Committee promotes public art in the community. Art can help enhance our community and increase tourism to the area.

Business Improvement Area

The Uxbridge Business Improvement Area (BIA) offers networking events, local business support and more. Considering joining the BIA and we can help promote your business.

Canada Day Committee

The Canada Day Committee plans, budgets and organizes the Canada Day celebrations each year.

Climate Adaptation and Transition Committee

The CATC provides a community perspective on the impact of climate change and help steer the Township’s response to climate change, provides advice to the Council and Township of Uxbridge staff as it relates to carrying out and implementing the strategies and goals outlined in the Township of Uxbridge Conservation & Demand Management Plan 2019-2023, the Durham Community Climate Adaption Plan and, Seizing the Opportunity: The Clean Energy in Durham Plan, and provides advice, support, and guidance to Council regarding climate change adaptation, clean energy transitions, energy conservation, and other areas of local concern as it relates to climate change.

Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment hears all minor variance application requests. If your development does not comply with the zoning by-law.

Durham Land Division Committee

The Durham Land Division Committee can help you get approval (consent) for dividing your property. Before applying for consent, you should speak with the Township Development Services Department.

Economic Development Advisory Committee

The Economic Development Advisory Committee works to attract, develop and retain business in the Township of Uxbridge.

Environment and Sustainability Advisory Committee

The Environment and Sustainability Advisory Committee works to protect the environment by developing a variety of sustainable plans and policies.

Fence Viewers

Fence Viewers help resolve disputes between neighbouring property owners. They follow process outlined in the Line Fences Act.

Goodwood Community Association

The Goodwood Community Association makes recommendations to improve the Goodwood Community Centre facility and its operation. The committee actively promotes the use of the facility.

Heritage Uxbridge

Heritage Uxbridge advocates for the preservation and conservation of heritage properties within the Township. We are committed to celebrating our heritage and culture.

Museum Advisory Committee

The Township of Uxbridge Museum Advisory Committee manage the Uxbridge Historical Centre and deliver museum programming and exhibits to the community.

Music Hall Advisory Board

The Music Hall Advisory Board operates the Uxbridge Music Hall the centre of arts and culture in the Township of Uxbridge.

Off-Leash Dog Park Advisory Committee

The Off-Leash Dog Park Advisory Committee oversees and makes recommendations for the ongoing operation of the Off-Leash Dog Park.

Property Standards Committee

The Property Standards Committee hears appeals to orders issued under the property standards by-law for the Township of Uxbridge.

Sandford Community Association

The Sandford Community Association makes recommendations to improve the Sandford Community Centre facility and its operation. The committee actively promotes the use of the facility.

Santa Claus Parade Committee

The Santa Claus Parade Committee organizes the Santa Claus Parade for the Township of Uxbridge.

Skate Park/Pump Park Committee

The Skate Park/Pump Park Committee provides recommendations improvements for safety, events and the overall operation of the skate park and pump park. This includes promoting the parks.

Tourism Advisory Committee

The Tourism Advisory Committee works to promote tourism attractions and events. This includes creating an Uxbridge Tourism Plan, developing tourism maps and developing services for tourists.

Uxbridge Public Library Board

The Uxbridge Public Library Board is responsible for making policies for the operation of the Uxbridge Public Library. This includes getting funding, creating programs and services and promoting the library in the community.

Uxbridge Town Trails Committee

The Uxbridge Town Trails Committee oversees the development of new recreation trails and the maintenance of existing trails in the urban areas.

Zephyr Community Association

The Zephyr Community Association makes recommendations to improve the Zephyr Community Centre facility and its operation. The committee actively promotes the use of the facility.

Code of Conduct for Boards and Committee Members

As a member of one of our boards or committees, it is your responsibility to review and follow the Township's Council Code of Conduct.

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