The Township has moved to an on-line application system in partnership with Service Ontario. As part of that transition, we now require you to book your appointment with us. Please ensure you bring with you 2 pieces of accepted I.D. for each party.

In the Province of Ontario, a Marriage Licence is required in order to get married.  The Township of Uxbridge issues marriage licences and conducts civil marriage ceremonies. Please read the Marriage Licence Application Information document to ensure you have all the appropriate documentation required to obtain a licence, prior to beginning your application.

ServiceOntario On-line Application System

To serve you better, the Township of Uxbridge has implemented a NEW on-line application system in partnership with ServiceOntario, making it easier for you to apply for your marriage licence. As such, paper-based applications will no longer be accepted.

The online system offers benefits including:

  • Approval of identification and documentation prior to appointment
  • Avoiding the need for follow-up appointments
  • Allowing applicants the ability to apply anywhere, anytime

On-line Applications - What has Changed as a Result of the New System?

Applicants wishing to receive their marriage licence from the Township of Uxbridge must now complete an application on-line via the ServiceOntario website. Applicants are required to book an in-person appointment at the Township Office to provide their original documents, sign for and pay for their Licence. Please speak to staff if you have any questions about this process.

Alternatively, you can purchase a marriage licence in your own municipality at your Town/City Hall.  Your application will be completed by hand, and an appointment must be made directly with them to arrange for pick up. 

On-line Marriage Licence Application

Please click the link below to complete the online Marriage Licence Application through ServiceOntario. Upon completion, and once you have received your automated confirmation email, please contact us to book your appointment to pay for and pick up your Marriage Licence, by calling 905-852-9181 x 220 or 201, or by email.

Click here to start your on-line application


A marriage licence application fee is $140, payable by cash or debit.

Civil Marriage Ceremonies

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We offer non-religious civil ceremonies from Tuesday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Please contact the Clerks Department at 905-852-9181 to book a pre-ceremony consultation. We will go over all of the necessary arrangements for your special day. You will need to fill out a Civil Marriage Booking Agreement and complete the Civil Ceremony Pre-Wedding Checklist.

Ceremony Details

Choose from one of five ceremony scripts, or enhance the ceremony by adding personalized vows and other custom elements. Any additions must be approved by the Marriage Officiant at the pre-ceremony consultation.

Select one of our marriage ceremony scripts:


Two witnesses (over 14 years of age - over 16 is preferred) must attend a civil ceremony. If you are unable to provide your own witnesses, the Township can provide them for a small fee, noted below. This can be arranged during your pre-consultation meeting.


The following marriage ceremony fees apply:

  • $325 for the ceremony (plus HST)
  • $35 per witness (plus HST)

All fees must be paid during the pre-ceremony consultation. We accept cash and debit payments.

Changing Your Name Post-Ceremony

A couple that becomes married in Ontario can assume either partner's name, maintain their own name, or combine both names into a new name. Changing your name will require you to apply for and receive a Marriage Certificate, via ServiceOntario.

For more details on your options, and documentation required to change your name, see the Marriage - Change of Name Act document.

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