Healthy communities encourage their residents to move around the neighbourhood using active transportation methods such as walking, cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, and wheelchair use.

When residents walk or wheel it reduces the number of cars on roadways, increases overall health of the population and is even shown to build stronger communities by reducing crime.

The Township of Uxbridge has developed an Active Transportation Plan to:

  • Make sure there are connected routes that can be used for all types of active transportation
  • Link routes to key locations such as schools, community centres, major employers, and downtown;
  • Build upon the existing trails network
  • Promote physical activity and outdoor recreation in Uxbridge
  • Identify ways to create a better environment for cycling and walking in the future; and
  • Educate and encourage the community to use active transportation methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below to learn more about the project.

What is the Active Transportation Plan?

Council approved the Active Transportation Plan project in 2019. The plan imagines a future where the Township’s abundance of trails are well connected and well used, and where active transportation provides a viable transportation option for residents and visitors alike. The Active Transportation Plan aims to identify ways to better connect the Township’s existing trails with key destinations in the community and develop several policies and programs to support and encourage walking, wheeling and cycling.

Who is this project for?

Uxbridge's Active Transportation Plan is a project for everyone.  By coming together to create a more active future for Uxbridge, we are working to provide options for healthy, active living and more ways for people to move so they don't have to drive.  This benefits everyone in our communities by helping to reduce traffic, save money, improve local air quality, support local shopping, build on our reputation as the Trails Capital of Canada and make travel easier and safer for those who can’t drive, especially children and seniors.

What can Active Transportation do for Uxbridge?

By developing a Township where active transportation is prioritized, we are working toward providing more transportation options to Uxbridge residents and creating important facilities for recreation and exercise. Active transportation supports active lifestyles, improves physical and mental health, protects our environment and is fun!  Building more connected neighbourhoods that encourage more people to walk, wheel or use bicycles also contributes to our community’s prosperity by reducing traffic congestion, reducing transportation and health costs, contributing to vibrant neighbourhoods and encouraging spending at nearby local businesses.

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