In the Township of Uxbridge, we are committed to responsible growth and development. Review our current development applications and find out how we are planning for future development through our Official Plan and Zoning By-law.

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Learn how to apply for the following development and planning applications:

Development charges

Development charges are one-time fees collected from new development to help pay for new infrastructure that is related to growth.

The Province of Ontario enacted the Development Charges Act which gives municipalities the authority to create development charges by-laws to help recover some of the capital costs incurred in providing services to residential and non-residential developments, while also setting limits on the types of infrastructure costs development charges can fund.

The Township of Uxbridge uses development charges to ensure that the cost of providing infrastructure to service new development is not borne by existing residents and businesses in the form of higher property taxes.

If you are planning a new development, you may need to pay development charges. Please review the Development Charges By-law and consult with us for the charges that will apply to a specific development.

Development charges calculations

The Township of Uxbridge’s development charges apply to most new buildings and some expansions. The Township of Uxbridge uses current development charges rates, based on these criteria, to calculate development charges:

  • In the case of residential development or the residential portion of a mixed-use development, based upon the number and type of dwelling units (ie single house, semi-detached house, row house or apartment); and
  • In the case of non-residential (ie. commercial, industrial or institutional) development or the non-residential portion of a mixed-use development, based upon the total floor area of such development.

The Development Charges by-laws may provide for credits, exemptions and special provisions for residential and non-residential development.

The Region of Durham and School Boards are responsible for setting their own development charge by-laws and rates. The Region of Durham and School Boards provide the Township of Uxbridge with the calculation of their development charges to be collected, based on information provided by the applicants.

Collecting development charges

Development charges are to be paid prior to the issuance of a building permit, unless otherwise specified in the development agreement.

All development charges (Township, Region and Education) are collected by the Township of Uxbridge and forwarded to the Region of Durham or the School Boards, as applicable.

Indexing of development charge rates

The Township of Uxbridge development charges for residential and non-residential are indexed annually on July 1st of each year in accordance with the most recent twelve-month change in the Statistics Canada Quarterly Construction Price Statistics, as prescribed by the Development Charges Act.

Treasurer's annual statement

The Development Charges Act requires the Treasurer of the municipality to annually provide Council a statement about each development charge reserve fund established under the Act. The statement reflects the opening and closing balances of each year, the current year's distribution of the development charges proceeds, any financing transfers and the interest earned on the fund.  A detail of the financing transfer to specific projects/accounts accompanies the statement. The Treasurer’s Annual Statement may be viewed by contacting the Township of Uxbridge, during regular business hours.

Residential development charges

View the residential development charges for all new residential developments.

2019 Residential Development Charges
Service Singles and semis $/unit Rows and other multiples $/unit Apartments $/unit Special care $/unit
General government $10 $8 $5 $3
Library services $692 $530 $346 $238
Fire and rescue $749 $573 $375 $257
Animal control $51 $39 $25 $18
Parks and recreation $6,705 $5,133 $3,352 $2,305
Public works $110 $84 $55 $38
Township engineering $6,925 $5,302 $3,462 $2,380
Total municipal charges $15,242 $11,669 $7,620 $5,239


Non-residential development charges

View the non-residential development charges for all new non-residential developments. All charges are per square metre of floor area.

Non-Residential Development Charges
Service Fee per square metre of floor area
General government $0.08
Parks and recreation $0
Fire and rescue $4.96
Animal control $0
Library services $0
Public works $0.77
Township engineering $48.01


Development Charges Fees Charts

Single Family Dwelling (Standard Fees) - Effective July 1, 2020

Development Charges Fees Chart (Township, Region, Education) - Effective July 1, 2020 

Planning fees

View the planning fees in the Township of Uxbridge.

Subdivision and condominium fees

The following fees apply to subdivision and condominium applications.

2019 Plan of Subdivision and Condominium Fees
Size of subdivision Fee per lot plus external costs
10 lots/unit or less $8,221 + $400 per lot
11 to 100/unit or less $15,650 + $400 per lot in excess of 10 lots
101 lots/unit or more $23,150 and $400,000 + $400 per lot in excess of 10 lots

If you need to revise your plan of subdivision or condominium, it costs $2,985.

Zoning by-law amendment fees

The following fees apply to zoning by-law amendment applications and minor variances.

2019 Zoning By-law Amendment Fees
Service Fee plus all external costs
Temporary Use, including potential Holding Symbol removal $2,945
Single Renewal of Temporary Use $1,350
Minor Amendment including potential Holding Symbol $4,712
Removal of Holding H Symbol or Existing By-laws $335
Removal of Part Lot Control $740
Release of 1 Foot Reserve (.3m) $740
Dwellings in Ancillary Buildings $2,550


Site plan fees

The following fees apply to site plan applications.

2019 Site Plan Application Fees
Service Fee plus all external costs
Minor Site Plan arising from minor variance approval $740
Site plan for single building commercial or industrial proposal on a single lot exclusive of a plaza, department store or supermarket proposal $3,700
Site Plan for Agricultural Building $560
Major Site Plan $7,465
Site Plan Amendment $720


Review fees

2020 Review Fees
Service Fee plus all external costs
REA/MNR Site Plan Review $3,625
Telecommunication Towers Site Plan Review $3,710
Exempt Telecommunication Tower Review $530
MNR Site Plan Amendment Review $720
Medical Marijuana Facilities Review $2,810


Consent applications

A Consent application, including a Land Clearance Letter) costs $458 each, plus all external costs.

Committee of Adjustment fees

The following fees apply to Committee of Adjustment applications.

2020 Committee of Adjustment Fees
Services Fee
Residential and non-residential $700
Plan of Subdivision to accommodate siting of a particular model $800
Tabling fee – applicable whether applicant or committee requests tabling of application $300
Retroactive fee – where conditions of approval have not lapsed but the applicant anticipates conditions of approval will not be fulfilled in the required timeframe $300
Emergency meeting $1,100


Other fees/permits

Review other development and permit fees in the Township of Uxbridge.

2020 Development and Permit Fees
Services Fee
Pool Enclosure Permit $150 (additional fee of $175 if grading plan required)
Grading Deposits $3,500
Grading Plan Approval (residential lots) $500
Compliance Letters $100
Compliance Letters (express) $175
Land Division Clearance Letter $100
Fence By-law Exemptions $75
Applications requiring additional public meetings $715


Sign permit fees

Review the sign permit fees in the Township of Uxbridge.

2020 Sign Permit Fees
Permit type Fee
Sign Permit – temporary (30 days or less) $75 each
Sign Permit – permanent (longer than 30 days) $125
Sign Variance $270
Rural Number Signs $30


Fill permit fees

Review the fill permit fees in the Township of Uxbridge.

2020 Fill Permit Fees
Permit type Fee
Fill less than 1,000 cubic metres $545 plus $0.25 per cubic metre
Fill greater than 1,000 cubic metres $775 plus $2 per cubic metre
Extension of permit for fill less than 1,000 cubic metres $260
Extension of permit for fill greater than 1,000 cubic metres $4000


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