As part of the Township of Uxbridge's Fence By-law, you must erect and maintain a fenced enclosure around your  swimming pool.

A Pool Enclosure Permit is required before installing or excavating for a pool.

Applying for a permit

Apply for your Pool Enclosure Permit Online!

The Township of Uxbridge is pleased to offer residents, builders, and the business community Cloudpermit – an online system to apply for and track building permit applications anytime and anywhere.  Permit Applications can be started, saved, and then completed later, with the option to receive status updates on progress.  You can even request building inspections! 

To get started, click the button below:

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Need help with Cloudpermit?

Getting started with Cloudpermit:  A Step by Step Guide to Cloudpermit

Cloudpermit Support – Cloudpermit offers an online support portal to users, the ability to access online tutorial resources and view periodical release notes of updates to the Cloudpermit Platform and new features the program offers.

For required fees, please visit the Permit Fees page for details.  Please note that an additional fee of $540 will apply if a grading plan is required.

Please ensure that the application complies with the requirements set in our Fence By-law as well as other relevant by-laws, legislation and from other review authorities.  Please review our fact sheet for further details and information on Pool Enclosure permit applications.

After you obtain your Swimming Pool Enclosure Permit, all work on the enclosure and final pool enclosure inspection must be completed within six months. After six (6) months, the permit expires and you must apply for a new permit for any future work.

For steps on how to book an inspection, please visit Building Inspections page for more details

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