A secondary suite is a self-contained dwelling unit in an existing house. They can be installed on any floor of a house. As an independent unit, they will have:

  • bedroom(s)
  • private kitchen and bathroom facilities
  • access that may be separate or shared with the other unit

Before deciding to add a second unit to your home, it is important that you first speak to our Development Services Department. They will tell you whether or not you can add a second unit on your property and answer any questions that you have related to zoning, the Building Code and other by-laws.

Applying for a building permit

If you would like to add a secondary unit to your residential property in the Township of Uxbridge, make sure to apply for a building permit. This ensures that the unit is built safely and complies the Ontario Building Code as well as applicable laws and legislation.  Secondary Suites must also be registered with the Township of Uxbridge by completing the necessary Application Form - Registration of Two-Unit Houses.

Apply for a building permit

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