If you are a property owner who is unable to comply with the Township of Uxbridge's Zoning By-law, you can apply to the Committee of Adjustment for a minor variance. The Committee grants minor variances if the request is minor, is desirable for the development or use of the land, building or structure, and the intent and purpose of the By-law and the Official Plan is maintained.

Minor variances

Learn how to apply for a minor variance with the Committee of Adjustment, including the required fees and how to post your minor variance application notice.

Public hearings

After we receive a completed application and fee, we create a Notice of Hearing that describes the requested variance as well as the date, time and location of the hearing. We mail the notice to property owners within 60 m of the subject property. We also notify the Planning Committee and required agencies. Anyone who receives notice may attend or submit written comments, which are read at the hearing.

You can view current planning applications and our agendas and minutes online - by selecting the applicable date of the Committee of Adjustment hearing within the calendar - or contact Emilia Gruyters, Committee of Adjustment Secretary-Treasurer, at 905-852-9181 Ext. 212 for more details. A Committee member views the subject property before any public hearing.

Public Hearing Schedule
Application Deadline Date Notices Due Date Hearing date Agendas/Minutes
December 18, 2020 January 8, 2021 January 20, 2021



January 22, 2021 February 5, 2021 February 17, 2021 Agenda 
February 19, 2021 March 5, 2021 March 17, 2021  
March 19, 2021 April 9, 2021 April 21, 2021  
April 23, 2021 May 7, 2021 May 19, 2021  
May 21, 2021 June 4, 2021 June 16, 2021  
June 18, 2021 July 9, 2021 July 21, 2021  
July 23, 2021 August 6, 2021 August 18, 2021  
August 20, 2021 September 3, 2021 September 15, 2021  
September 17, 2021 October 8, 2021 October 20, 2021  
October 22, 2021 November 5, 2021 November 17, 2021  
November 19, 2021 December 3, 2021 December 15, 2021  
December 17, 2021 January 7, 2022 January 19, 2022  


Hearing procedure

  1. The Chairperson informs attendees to leave their name and postal address if they'd like to receive a written copy of the decision
  2. The Chairperson reads the request for a minor variance
  3. The Applicant or Authorized Agent presents their reasons for not being able to comply with the Zoning By-law and their justification for the variance
  4. The Chairperson reads any written comments from outside agencies
  5. The Chairperson invites questions and comments from parties attending the hearing
  6. The Committee ask questions of the Applicant

The Applicant must be present or have a duly appointed agent at the hearing to present the application to the Committee. The Committee will make the decision publically after all application discussions are complete. The Applicant and anyone who wanted a written copy will receive it by mail within 10 days.


You may appeal a decision within 20 days from the date the decision was made. Please submit your notice of appeal to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Committee of Adjustment with a $125 cheque payable to "The Minister of Finance" prior to the expiry of the 20-day appeal period.

The notice of appeal must be in writing and outline the reasons for the objection. At the end of the twenty-day period, if no appeal has been filed, the decision becomes final and binding and a notice will be issued.

Committee members

The Committee of Adjustment made of five members, two alternates, and a Secretary/Treasurer. Council appoints Committee members for a four-year term. View our Procedural By-law to learn more about our Committee's meeting, process and appointments.

The current Committee members include:

  • Gerri Lynn O'Connor 
  • Michelle McCarthy 
  • Emilia Gruyters - Secretary-Treasurer
  • Joanna Fast
  • Cathie Proulx
  • Frank Mazzotta
  • Rob Miller - First alternate
  • Sally Morgan - Second alternate

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