Council of the Corporation of the Township of Uxbridge adopted By-law Number 2009-145 to establish a downtown Uxbridge Community Improvement project area and adopt a Community Improvement Plan for the Project Area.  The Township of Uxbridge's Community Improvement Plan (CIP) programs are designed to encourage and stimulate the redevelopment and improvement of properties located in designated areas within the Uxbridge Downtown community. An overview of options is available below. More information about the programs is available in the Community Improvement Plan Financial Incentives Program Application Manual.

6 CIP programs

Applying for an incentive

To enquire about a CIP program and to determine your eligibility please complete a Project Review Meeting Application Form or contact the Development Services Department at 905-852-9181 or at .  There is no fee to apply.

What properties downtown are eligible?

Only properties within the Downtown Uxbridge Community Improvement Project Area are eligible to apply for grant funding.  Priority will be placed on projects which implement the 2022 Downtown Revitalization Strategic Plan & Action Plan, the 2022 Downtown Uxbridge Public Consultation and Visualization Report and the Brock Street Heritage Guidelines.

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