The Township of Uxbridge's Community Improvement Plan (CIP) programs can help you with developing and improving a property in our downtown area. Funding is available to cover up to 50% of eligible expenses to a maximum of $5,000 per property. We budget funds each year and once they have been allocated, we do not accept applications that year.

Accessible Improvement program

The Accessibility Improvement grant can help you improve accessibility to existing buildings within the downtown area. Accessibility Improvements must follow the Accessibility Requirements in the Ontario Building Code to be approved.

The Accessible Improvement program can help you with adding:

  • barrier-free storefront access
  • ramps or improving business access by removing stairs
  • improvements to private parking areas
  • enhanced lighting in pedestrian walkways

More accessibility improvements may be eligible subject to approved from the Township and CIP coordinator.

Building, Façade and Signage Improvement program

The Building, Façade and Signage Improvement program can help you improve commercial façades and replace signs that do not comply with the Heritage District Guidelines. You can view our CIP brochure to learn more about this program.

Applying for an incentive

You must book a pre-consultation meeting before submitting an application. We will determine your eligibility, the scope of proposed work, your project timing, and the required supporting documentation. If your project is eligible, please complete a CIP Application Package and submit it to the Building Department to get started. There is no fee to apply.

What properties downtown are eligible?

Only properties within the Downtown Uxbridge Community Improvement Project Area are eligible to apply for grant funding. Please note that preference is given to projects that take place on Brock St. W. or in the Downtown core.

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