The Zoning By-law regulates land use and implements the policies and objectives detailed in the Township of Uxbridge Official Plan.

Zoning designations

The Township of Uxbridge is divided into the following residential land use designations:

  • Residential Cluster Zone
  • Estate Residential
  • Shoreline Residential
  • Hamlet Residential Zone
  • Residential First Density Zone
  • Residential Second Density Zone
  • Residential Multiple Density Zone
  • Residential Holding Zone

For non-residential land use, the following zone designations exist:

  • Environmental Protection Zone
  • Recreational Zone
  • Recreation Open Space Zone
  • Rural Zone
  • Community Facility Zone
  • Hamlet Commercial Zone
  • Local Commercial Zone
  • General Commercial Zone
  • Corridor Commercial Mixed Use Zone
  • Brock Street East Mixed Use Zone
  • Rural Industrial Zone
  • Urban Industrial Zone
  • Rural Resource Extraction Zone
  • Waste Disposal Industrial Zone

Zoning By-law sections and schedules

Review the Zoning By-law by section to make it easier to find what you're looking for:

Schedule A

Schedule A consists of a series of zone maps:

Schedule B

View Schedule B for a detailed map of roads within the Township of Uxbridge:

Amendments and minor variances

If you do not meet a regulation outlines in the Zoning By-law, you may need to apply for a minor variance or a Zoning By-law amendment. Complete the Zoning By-law Amendment Application and submit it by email.

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