The Township of Uxbridge is constantly planning for the future. Our plans aim to shape the future of Uxbridge by providing a vibrant community where everyone feels welcome, safe and connected.

Check out the following plans and studies:

Strategic Plan

The 2023-2026 Strategic Plan is our vision for the municipality and serves as a framework for setting priorities and making decisions over the next 4 years. Based on direction from Council, and reflecting the priorities of our residents, Township staff established this plan to define a long-term vision for our community and provide a means to track performance and accountability as we work to achieve our vision over the council term and beyond.

Parks and Recreation

The Township of Uxbridge works to ensure we have excellent recreational programming, facilities, parks and trails for our community to enjoy. View our parks and recreation plans:

Environmental Plans

We are committed to environmental sustainability. We work with our community and other levels of government to protect our natural environment. View our environmental plans:

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