The Stormwater Management Pond Assessment includes an analysis of 22 stormwater management facilities in the Township of Uxbridge. The information from the assessment helps us prioritize maintenance so that we can continue to provide a safe and healthy environment.

Report details

The Stormwater Management Pond Assessment includes the following key topics:

  • Planning context and process
  • Existing conditions (environmental, archaeological, geological, watercourses, municipal infrastructure)
  • Evaluation of the environmental impact of stormwater
  • Effectiveness of existing stormwater management works
  • Examination of stormwater retrofit opportunities
  • Stormwater management maintenance program
  • Development of long list of alternatives
  • Development and assessment of alternative solutions
  • Preferred alternative strategy
  • Public consultations
  • Implementation

Presentations and notices

Throughout the assessment process, we engaged with the community to inform them about the project and gather feedback:

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