If you are planning to build and it encroaches onto public lands, you need to receive permission from the Township of Uxbridge. An encroachment is any type of vegetation, manufactured object or item of personal property that extends onto public lands. Encroachments can be in the air, on the ground or underground.

Review the Township of Uxbridge Encroachment By-law to learn more about encroachment requirements.

Apply for an encroachment

Complete the Encroachment Agreement Application form and drop it off to:

51 Toronto St. S.
Uxbridge, ON

Your application must include a:

  • Diagram of the property showing the encroachment onto public lands
  • $300 application fee payable to the Township of Uxbridge

Encroachment requirements

In order for the Township to approve your encroachment, you need to prove that:

  • The need for the encroachment is reasonable, feasible and that no alternative option exists
  • The encroachment does not jeopardize the health and safety of the public, must be in the public's best interest and must be fairly minor in nature

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