For the 2022 municipal election, the Township of Uxbridge has partnered with the Township of Scugog and Township of Brock to form a Joint Compliance Audit Committee. The Committee will serve for upcoming term of Council beginning on November 15, 2022 and concluding November 14, 2026 or until such time the applicable Committee has disposed of any remaining matters in accordance with the Act, whichever is later.

Review the 2022 Committee's establishing by-law and Terms of Reference.


The Compliance Audit Committee is responsible for hearing applications seeking an audit of contributions received or expenses incurred by a candidate or third party advertiser in relation to an election governed by the Municipal Elections Act. 

Additional responsibilities include:

  • reviewing reports filed by the Clerk;
  • appointing an auditor when the Committee grants an application;
  • reviewing reports filed by an auditor in response to an application;
  • determining if legal proceedings are justified in light of the findings of an auditor’s report; and,
  • appointing a prosecutor to commence legal proceedings where it has been determined that legal action is appropriate.

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