The Township of Uxbridge's 2022 Asset Management Plan helps us set financial goals and maintain financial security. The plan consists of an assessment of all current municipal assets, including:

  • Buildings
  • Vehicles and machinery
  • Land Improvements
  • Stormwater infrastructure
  • Equipment and furnishings
  • Sidewalks and pathways
  • Parks
  • Bridges, culverts and roads

All assets have a useful service life and it is vital that these assets are managed carefully in order to maintain the required level of service in the most cost effective manner.  the 2017 Asset Management Plan is also available for viewing.

Asset management summary

The Township's 2022 Asset Management Plan (AMP), is a living document which provides an overview of the Township's asset conditions and financial preparedness in order to meet the service expectation of the community. It includes a roadmap for required action to maintain and improve assets into the future.

The AMP contains technical information about the state of current infrastructure, levels of service, maintenance strategies, long-term capital needs and funding strategy scenarios. It provides a clear, detailed picture of our assets, needs and priorities.

Strategic Asset Management Policy

The Township's Strategic Asset Management Policy (SAMP) sets high-level guidelines regarding the concept of responsibly managing Township owned infrastructure. These guidelines relate to:

  • Levels of service
  • Risk
  • Climate change
  • Environmental protection
  • Economic growth
  • Future events
  • Financial capacity

SAMP aligns with the Township's Strategic Plan and Official Plan. It outlines responsibilities and provides a framework for al Township employees involved in asset management.

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