Did you know?

All dog owners are required to licence their dogs on an annual basis in the Township of Uxbridge.  Licences expire annually on December 31st.  Cats do not require licences however, optional cat licences are available.

At the Township of Uxbridge, we understand that pets are valued members of the family. A pet licence helps us return your dog or cat to you quickly in the event it becomes lost or strays from home.  Licensing fees also provide valuable funding for sheltering, staffing, necessities, and veterinary care for our lost and stray animals within the Township of Uxbridge.

Obtaining a licence

Purchase or renew your dog or cat licence using DocuPet online to receive DocuPet membership benefits including 24/7 HomeSafe Lost Pet Service, and vouchers for Ren's Pets and PetSmart.  Follow the online, phone, or mail-in instructions to obtain a licence.  Licences can also be obtained in person at the Uxbridge-Scugog Animal Shelter located at 1360 Reach St., Port Perry.


The following licensing fees apply:

  • $25 for a spayed or neutered dog
  • $35 for intact dogs
  • $20 for cats

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