View the tax rates in the Township of Uxbridge. Tax rates are calculated annually.

Current tax rate

Review the 2020 tax rate.

2020 Tax Rates
Assessment Class Uxbridge tax rate Region tax rate Education tax rate Total tax rate
RT - Residential 0.00274780 0.00585522 0.00153000 0.01013302
FT - Farmland 0.00054956 0.00117105 0.00038250 0.00210311
TT - Managed Forest 0.00068695 0.00146381 0.00038250 0.00253326

MT - Multi-Residential Occupied

0.00512876 0.01092876 0.00153000 0.01099332

NT - New Multi-Residential

0.00302258 0.00644074 0.00153000 0.01099332

CTN - Commercial

XTN - Commercial New Construction

STN -Shopping Centre

ZTN - Shopping Centre New


GTN - Office Building

Parking Lots

0.00398430 0.00849007 0.00980000 0.02227437

CUN - Commercial Excess Land

CXN - Commercial Vacant Land

XUN - Commercial Excess Land New Construction

ZUE-Shopping Centre Excess Land (New Construction)

0.00398430 0.00849007 0.00980000 0.02227437

ITN - Industrial

LTN - Large Industrial

0.00556017 0.01184804 0.01250000 0.02990821

IUN - Industrial Excess Land

IXN - Industrial Vacant Land

0.00556017 0.01184804 0.01250000 0.02990821
JTN - Industrial New Construction 0.00556017 0.01184804 0.00980000 0.02720821
JUN - Industrial Excess New Construction 0.00556017 0.01184804 0.00980000 0.02720821
PTN - Pipeline 0.00337814 0.00719841 0.00980000 0.02037655

When are the tax rates available each year?

The budgets for the Township of Uxbridge, Region of Durham, and the Provincial Government (dictating the education levy) are usually approved by April 30 of each year. Tax rates are finalized after this date.

Keep in mind that reassessment is just one part of the tax calculation for the upcoming four taxation years. Tax rates are also based on the budget changes for the Township of Uxbridge, Region of Durham, and the Provincial Government.

How are my property taxes calculated?

Your property taxes are calculated by multiplying your property assessment (shown on your tax bill) by the tax rate that applies to your property tax class.

The tax rate of your property is calculated by multiplying the tax ratio for that property class by the base tax rates determined by the Township of Uxbridge each year.

A similar process is used to set the Region of Durham tax rates. Education taxes are calculated by the Province of Ontario's school board.

What are tax ratios?

Tax ratios define the relative tax burden across property classes, and affect the rates for each class. Tax ratios must be set within flexibility ranges determined by Provincial regulations for each region. The Durham Region Council sets tax ratios that are applied region-wide.

Historical tax rates

View the Township's tax rate history:

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