If you are transporting a wide or heavy load on roads in the Township of Uxbridge, you need to apply for an oversized load permit.


To obtain an Oversized Load Permit, please contact us. Please complete your application a minimum of 10 days prior to the anticipated transport date.

On your application you will need to include:

  • A detailed description of the route (all roads and the destination point)
  • A weight distribution diagram if the weight is greater than allowable weights in the Highway Traffic Act

Oversize load requirements

An oversize load is any load that is:

  • Wider than 2.6 m
  • Higher than 4.15 m
  • Longer than 23 m

Oversize load escorts

Oversize loads may need an escort as a condition of the permit. The permit holder is responsible for organizing and paying for the escort.

Private escort

An oversize load needs a private escort if it is:

  • Between 36.76m and 45.75 m long
  • Between 4 m and 4.99 m wide
  • Higher than 4.6 m

You will also need to consult with and receive approval from Durham Region Traffic Signal Operations.

Police escort

You will need a police escort if the load is:

  • Longer than 4.75 m
  • Wider than 5 m

For a police escort, please contact the Durham Regional Police Service Pay Duty Office.

Overweight Loads

A weight distribution diagram must be submitted with the application if the weight is greater than the allowable weights indicated in the Highway Traffic Act.

Load Restricted Roads

Vehicle weight is limited to five tonnes per axle on all Township of Uxbridge roads during the typical March-April load restriction season. The following Township road is exempt from weight restrictions:

  • Wagg Road from Concession Road 3 to Reg. Rd. 30 

Time Restrictions

Due to size, some loads will have time restrictions attached to a avoid interfering with peak traffic times. These restrictions will be indicated on your permit.

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