A Road Occupancy Permit is required for work within any portion of the public right-of- way (the road, boulevard, shoulders and sidewalk). A permit is required whether or not the work requires a closure or lane restrictions.


Complete the Road Occupancy Permit Application and submit it at Township Hall:

51 Toronto St. S.
Uxbridge, ON

There is no fee to obtain a Road Occupancy Permit.

When do I need a road occupancy permit?

Examples of work that requires a Road Occupancy Permit includes:

  • Excavation of the boulevard for utility installation or maintenance
  • Any work that involves crossing the boulevard, such as landscaping or installing pools
  • Road widening projects
  • Installation of storm sewers, sanitary sewers and watermains for site development
  • Geotechnical investigations and monitoring
  • Crane setup (including arc swing over the Region's right-of-way)
  • Placement of disposal bins
  • Entrance construction or removal

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