If you are a property owner whose development does not comply with the Town of Uxbridge's Zoning By-law, you can apply for a minor variance. The Committee of Adjustment schedules public hearings and considers applications for minor variances.

Applying for a minor variance

Please send a completed Minor Variance Application to the Building Department to apply. After we have received your completed application and fee, we will provide you with a notice for your minor variance application.

Application Fees
Fee $700.00 Note
Plan of Subdivision $800.00 Used to accommodate siting of a particular model
Emergency Meeting $1,100.00  
Tabling Fee $300.00 Applicable whether applicant or committee requests tabling of application
Retroactive Fee $300.00 Where conditions of approval have not lapsed but the applicant anticipates that the approval conditions will not be met within the required timeframe
Additional Public Meetings $715.00 For applications that require more public meetings

The Committee's approval may be conditional upon entering into a site plan agreement with the Township of Uxbridge and/or registering restrictions on title of the subject property.

Posting notice

You must post the notice 10 days before the meeting date. It must also be attached to stake put into the ground on the boulevard in front of the property. It should be clearly visible from the road.

Once the notice has been posted you must contact Emilia Gruyters at 905-852-9181 ext. 212. Failure to comply will result in your application being tabled until the next available meeting and you have complied with the regulations of the Planning Act.

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