Unfavourable weather conditions may affect timelines.

Current road closures:

  1. Sidewalk closures - Brock Street West and Church Streets - work delayed to end of June.
    Intermittent closures are expected of sidewalks on both Brock St. West (32 Brock St. West and 34 Brock St. West) and on Church Street, adjacent to 86 Brock St., as well as Church Street itself until the end of June.  
  2. York Durham Line (Regional Road 30), south of Regional Road 8 to north of Vivian Road, autumn 2019 to June 2020.
    York Durham Line, from south of Regional Road 8 to north of Vivian Road, will undertake road rehabilitation and widening, as well as the installation of traffic signals at the intersection of York Durham Line and Regional Road.  

  3. Daily lane restrictions on Brock Road (Reg. Rd. 1) from April 6 through to July 3.
    Road rehabilitation will begin on April 6 2020, on Brock Road (Regional Road 1), from 900 metres south of Albright Road to 75 metres south of Goodwood Road (Regional Road 21), in the Township of Uxbridge. Work will consist of culvert replacements, ditching, asphalt removal and replacement, partially paved shoulders and pavement markings.

  4. Closure of Reg. Rd. 13, WEST of Lake Ridge Rd. (Reg Rd. 23) for road work through mid-July.
    Regional Road 13 is closed to through traffic west of Lake Ridge Rd (Reg. Rd. 23) from April 20th until approximately May 22nd. At that time road work will commence and require closure of Regional Road 13 EAST of Lake Ridge Rd.(Reg. Rd. 23) and is expected to continue for 8 weeks, ending mid-July.     

  5. Intermittent closure of Victoria Street, Sundays from 7am-3pm, May 17 to late October. 
    Victoria Street from Brock Street West to King Street West will be closed for a short period of time each Sunday for the Uxbridge Farmers' Market, beginning at 7am and re-opening at 3pm.

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