What is the Trail Sustainability Fund?

trail sustainability logoWith more than 300km of trails, the Township of Uxbridge is designated the Trail Capital of Canada and hosts over 100,000 visitors annually. With the increase in trail traffic, it has become more difficult for the municipality, landowners, land managers, and volunteer groups to keep up with the pace and costs of necessary maintenance, visitor amenities and services. 

To better meet the needs of visitors, the Trail Sustainability program was developed in partnership with the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA), the Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), and Region of Durham to fund enhanced services and amenities. Understanding the need to keep the trails beautiful and sustainable for future generations, 100% of the revenue from permit parking goes into a fund for infrastructure improvement/additions at the trail sites, on-going maintenance, and planned enhancements.

Permit Parking 

In 2022, the Township of Uxbridge launched paid permit parking at Township Trail parking lots and the Fields of Uxbridge. Permit parking is in effect from 5:00am until 11:00pm every day including weekends and statutory holidays all year round.

A review of the program was conducted over the winter and the Township decided to transition to a new permit parking application, HotSpot. The platform was developed in 2013 by parking and payment management experts and is a product of the technology-driven design firm, Arcadis, whose expertise spans the globe. HotSpot will provide an ease-of-use solution with quality first-line of support for its users.

Residents can register for a no-charge 'Special Permit', which will allow use of all trailheads and Fields of Uxbridge. 'Special Permits' will be processed using the HotSpot parking website or app.

Visitors can purchase a day pass 'Permit' for $6 or an annual pass 'Permit' for $75 by also downloading the HotSpot Parking app, or by scanning the QR code on the fast tap parking signs to access the website.


The Trails have dedicated enforcement staff working seven days a week from 5:00am – 11:00pm, including Statutory Holidays. Staff will patrol Trailhead parking lots for compliance with permit parking requirements and prohibited parking areas.

Vehicles found parked without a permit or not having a valid parking session are subject to a parking ticket with a set fine of $45.

Download the HotSpot App or access the HotSpot website to begin

Residents can register for a no-charge 'Special Permit', which will allow use of all trailheads and Fields of Uxbridge. 'Special Permits' will be processed using the HotSpot website or HotSpot app available via the links below:

                 google play icon and link                               App store icon link

Download and/or open the HotSpot parking app and follow the prompts to set up your account.  If you haven’t used the app before, scroll to the bottom and choose 'Get Started' and follow the steps below:

  1. Country – Canada
  2. Province – Ontario
  3. City – Uxbridge
Applying for a No-Charge Residential Parking 'Special Permit' via the mobile HotSpot app:

Before you start, gather the following information: Your vehicle information, including your make, model, year and licence plate of all vehicles within your household that you wish included under your 'Special Permit'. You will also need to provide a picture of a recent bill with your address, or your driver’s licence. Upon verification, these pictures are deleted from the system.


Open your HotSpot app and sign in. Next you will reach the 'User Preference' screen. 'Permits' is the only option, click 'Next', add in your email, create a password and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy policies.

HotSpot sign-in     HotSpot User Preference     HotSpot Terms of Service

Upon new setup, you will be asked to 'Add Vehicle'.  If you already have a login and need to add vehicles to your profile, click the menu in the top left and select 'Manage My Vehicles'.

Repeat these steps for any additional vehicles that you need to add, to a maximum of three plates per login.

Ignore the prompt to 'Add a Payment Method' - residents are not required to pay.

If your vehicles are already in your account, click 'Permits' in the bottom right to continue.

HotSpot Add a Vehicle     HotSpot Add a Payment Method     HotSpot Wallet Balance


HotSpot Add an additional vehicle


Applying for your no-charge resident 'Special Permit' via the HotSpot app:

Click 'Permits' in the bottom right if you are not already on the 'Parking Permits' screen, then choose 'Apply for Permit' under 'Special Permits'. Complete the required fields and select 1 or 2 licence plates for the application.  The licence plates will only be available to choose if you have added them to your 'My Vehicles' section previously. Check the box and click 'Next'.

HotSpot Apply for Permit     HotSpot Special Permit Application     HotSpot Confirm Name

Click the 'Upload' button to take a picture of your proof of residency document.  Please allow the HotSpot app permission to take pictures to successfully complete the process. Please ensure your name and address are clearly visible on the documentation.  Your 'Permit' type will be approved based on the address verified in this document. Then submit your application.

HotSpot Upload Drivers Licence     HotSpot Permit Photo     HotSpot Camera Permission

You will receive a confirmation message on screen and an email if your application is submitted successfully. Please check your junk/spam messages if you don’t see this email in your inbox.

HotSpot Camera Permission 2     HotSpot Add Drivers Licence or bill image     HotSpot Thank you


Applying for your no-charge resident 'Special Permit' via the HotSpot website (please note that a picture is required for verification):

  1. Signup for an account here (https://hotspotparking.com/users/userSignup)
  2. From the left menu, click 'Vehicles' and add your vehicle information. Multiple vehicles can be added but only the default will initially show in the 'Special Permits'.  Two plates per household can be used at any one time.
    HotSpot web Add a New Vehicle
  3. Select 'Permits' from the menu on the side
  4. Select 'Special Permits' and enter Uxbridge
  5. Upload a photo of a recent bill with your address or driver’s licence
    HotSpot web Apply for Special Permit
  6. You will receive a confirmation email that your registration will be processed.
  7. Your registration will be reviewed, and if approved, your permit will be automatically assigned. An email will be sent confirming this.
  8. If your permit is not approved, you will receive an email advising you of the refusal and next steps.

If you have any issues with the either the App or Website, please contact Hotspot via support@htsp.ca or by calling 1-(855)-712-5888.

Purchasing a Day or Annual Pass via QR Code, HotSpot App or Website

Follow the video to to Apply for a Day Pass or Annual Pass with HotSpot app, or follow instructions below:


On the trails, simply point your phone camera at the QR code.  You will be shown a URL, click on the URL and you will be taken to the site. Choose 'Day Pass' or 'Annual Pass' and follow the instructions.

Via the HotSpot app, log into your account. Add a payment option via 'Wallet Balance'. Go to 'Permits', choose 'Purchase a Permit'. Decide on your location and permit type. Future dated permits are not available.

HotSpot Day Purchase a Permit     HotSpot Day Wallet Balance

Via the HotSpot website, login to your account. Add a payment method in 'Wallet' and choose 'Permits', then 'Purchase a Permit'. Follow the instructions to select a 'Location' and your 'Vehicle' plate.

HotSpot Web Wallet


HotSpot Day Location


For residents or visitors without access to the internet, please come to the Uxbridge Township Offices during regular business hours, Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm so we can assist you in obtaining access to the Trails. Residents - Please be sure to bring your driver's license or photo ID along with proof of residency.

For any issues with either the App or Website, please email Hotspot via support@htsp.ca or calling 1-855-712-5888.

Permit Parking Locations within the Township of Uxbridge

Permit Parking is in effect at the following locations:

Zone 102 - Fields of Uxbridge, including Skate Park and Pump Park - 335 Main St. North
Zone 103 - Albright Road and Concession 6
Zone 104 - Aggregate Pit, Concession 6 and Uxbridge Pickering Townline
Zone 105 - Three Rocks, Concession7 and Uxbridge Pickering Townline
Zone 106 - Towers, Concession 7 and Houston Rd.
Zone 107 - Durham Forest
Zone 108 - Lakeridge Rd and Houston Rd.


Fields of Uxbridge / Optimist Pump Park / Rotary Skate Park Permit Parking location:

Fields of Uxbridge, Pump Park, Skate Park satellite map


Permit Parking Trail Zone locations:

Permit Parking Zone Map 2024

Parking FAQs

Q. Why is the Township charging for parking?

A. Most trails are passively managed. The bulk of the maintenance is done by local volunteer groups. Requests for increased services and amenities such as garbage collection, washrooms, or removal of snow from parking lots has come with the increase in trail usage. The sudden increase in visitation has highlighted the need to work with our partners to provide services. With trail usage at an all-time high, the Township sees a unique opportunity to leverage these local assets to fund trail sustainability.

Q. Where is the money from the permit parking going?

A. The Township and our key stakeholder groups will allocate 100% of the net proceeds from the permit parking (minus HST and transaction fees) to a Trail Sustainability Reserve Fund (the Fund). This Fund will be used for maintenance, improvements, and future infrastructure at these sites.

Q. When is a parking permit required?

A. A parking permit is required to park in designated areas at the Trail parking lots at all times.

Q. How does the permit parking work?

A. All identified trail parking lots will have posted QR code signs. Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone and follow the prompts for registering your license plate and making payment.

Q. What if I don't have a smartphone, access to data or the internet?

A. If you do not have a smartphone or access to data, you can visit Town Hall during regular business hours (Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm) to purchase a permit on the day you are visiting.

Q. Can I park on the road?

A. Several sections of roadway around the trailheads are marked as 'No Parking'. Always follow posted signs.

Q. Can I leave and come back? If I move to a different trailhead location, do I have to pay again?

A. The Trail Sustainability parking model is 'Pay at One - Play at All'. Your permit is good for the entire day. 

Q. As a resident do I have to re-register annually?

A. No-charge resident permits are good for 24 months

Q. As an annual permit holder do I have to register annually? 

A. Yes, however you can set up your account to auto-renew. The system will also send notifications close to the renewal date.

Q. How much are parking tickets if we don’t obtain a permit?

A. The fine for parking without a permit is $45.00.

Q. What will the Township do with the revenue collected from parking permits?  

A.  All net revenues collected through parking permit fees will be held by the Township in a separate Township Reserve Fund called the 'Trail Sustainability Reserve Fund'. The use of such funds will be at the direction of a Steering Committee made up of Landowner decision makers. When making decisions, the Steering Committee may consult an Advisory Committee which shall be a non-decision-making Committee comprised of stakeholders representing trail users, adjacent property owners, and with a vested interest in using, maintaining and the sustainability of trails and trail related infrastructure in the Township of Uxbridge.

Q. Is my personal information stored in your computer system? What happens to my personal data?

A. No, the details we need to verify your residency and to record your vehicle are only used to set up the account. Once verification is established the information is deleted. 

Q. Why do I see ads or offers after I validate my parking?

A. The Township of Uxbridge is the Trail Capital of Canada with over 300 km of seasonally managed trails. The trail system sees more than 100,000 visitors annually. We want to invite and showcase to users all the amenities the Township has to offer outside of the Trail network. This includes events taking place at local shops, restaurants, cafes, and farmers markets throughout the Township. We hope that trail users will have the opportunity to take advantage of the offerings they receive.

Q. Are people with an accessible parking permit required to pay to park? 

A.  Persons who display a valid accessible parking permit are exempt from payment for or having to obtain a Parking Permit.

Q. I’m a resident, why do I need to register for the parking permit system?

A. Township by-law officers will scan licence plates of vehicles at Permit Parking sites. Residents’ plates must be registered in our system in order for the officers to determine that the permit is valid.

Q. How does the Township define who is a resident?

A. The Township will use data from the applicants Driver’s Licence to determine residency. If a resident requires assistance to register for a permit they can contact Town Hall.  

Q. I am a resident, but I drive a car registered outside of the Township. Does that matter?

A. The Township will use data from the applicants Driver’s Licence to determine residency. If a resident requires assistance to register for a permit they can contact By-Law services. 

Q. I am a resident, do I have to register for parking every time I visit one of the Permit Parking lots?

A. No, once added, residents need not check-in at Permit Parking areas. Once registered you may park in any lot at any time for a year from registration date.

Q. What is the process for registering a vehicle that I may not own or am in the process of changing ownership?

A. A permit cannot be issued to a vehicle that is not registered to the applicant’s Uxbridge address. The Ministry of Transportation requires vehicle registration be updated within six days of moving or changing ownership.

Once the ownership is changed to reflect the resident’s name and address, they can register the vehicle for a permit. 

Q. Do residents and non-residents use the same registration process?

A. Both registration processes will be completed using HotSpot Parking. Residents will register for permits at no charge, while non-residents can create accounts to purchase daily or annual permits.

Q. What onsite payment options are available at the permit parking locations? 

A. Visitors to the trails or Fields of Uxbridge can pay for onsite parking by using their smart phones or devices to download the HotSpot Parking app, or scan the QR code on the fast tap parking signs. At this time, in-person payment kiosks are not available due to the associated cost of installation, maintenance, and expected limited use by the general public. 

Q. I got a parking ticket. How do I pay it?

A. See instructions on the ticket. If you lost your ticket please contact By-Law Services at bylaw@uxbridge.ca or 905-852-9181.

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