Review the Township of Uxbridge's Sewage Allocation Policy to find out how we monitor sewage and water services to ensure that new developments do not exceed the capacity.

Sewage allocation requirements

New developments in urban areas within the Township of Uxbridge will only be granted approval if there is municipal sewage and water services available. These requirements are outlined in the Official Plan.

We monitor the capacity of our municipal sewage and water services regularly as they are limited.

Competing applications

If we receive more than one development application and we can only allocate water and sewage services to one development, we will prioritize the following developments:

  • Assists in the achievement of the objectives of the Downtown Vision and Action Plan or the Community Improvement Plan
  • Mixed use development
  • Affordable housing as defined by the Provincial Policy Statement
  • Provision of public facilities beyond those facilities which are required to be provided by the developer by legislation including development of a public park, trails, recreational facility or other key elements of public infrastructure
  • Development which will achieve LEED, Energy Star or other similar certification or equivalent, as determined by the Township, with a priority on development which addresses water and wastewater capacity issues, in particular development which contributes to the reduction of phosphorous in stormwater and wastewater (e.g. reuse of grey water)
  • Development that can be serviced immediately with minimal or no municipal investment in infrastructure
  • Significant new employment opportunities other than construction or spin off jobs
  • Other significant public benefits as determined by the Township

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