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Public input helping to shape 1635 Dundas St., Whitby

Posted on Tuesday, September 05, 2023 11:50 AM

The following statement is being issued on behalf of The Regional Municipality of Durham:

“Following the purchase of 1635 Dundas Street in Whitby, the Region hosted a community engagement session for residents to share their feedback, ask questions, and provide input that will help shape the decisions affecting their community.

We feel strongly that respectful, meaningful, two-way engagement is essential to this process. The input and concerns that were brought forward will be considered with the...

Slow down in school zones to help kids get to school safely

Posted on Tuesday, September 05, 2023 09:36 AM

With Durham Region students back to school, road users must remember to keep safety top of mind in school zones.

Drivers need to slow down, stay focused, and watch for cyclists and pedestrians—especially distracted kids who are excited to be back at school; and pedestrians must ensure they always cross the road at a designated crossing or signalized intersection. With more people walking, cyclists and drivers should give themselves extra time to get to their destination and ride with care to...

Township Warns Public Against Stealing Street Signs 

Posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2023 03:45 PM

Reward offered for information leading to charges 

A rash of missing street signs has prompted the Township of Uxbridge to issue a warning, “Stealing a street sign is a felony, and you will be charged”. Over the past few months, nearly 40 street name signs have gone missing in the Township of Uxbridge. The estimated cost to the Municipality to replace these signs is approximately $15,000 and the amount is increasing daily.  

An increase of sign thefts may be attributed to a social media challenge to...

Township Page, Cosmos August 31, 2023

Posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2023 12:39 PM

The August 31, 2023 issue of Township page 2 of the Cosmos newspaper is now available for viewing.

Planks Lane Reconstruction to Continue through September 2023

Posted on Monday, August 28, 2023 03:02 PM

Township of Uxbridge Public Works Department Notice 

On-going construction on Planks Lane will continue until the end of September. The road and the sidewalk will be closed on Planks Lane between Main St. and Marietta St.  

Families heading back to school at Joseph Gould Public School or Uxbridge Secondary School will need to plan their routes to school. Planks Lane adjacent to each school can be accessed from Marietta St., 3rd Ave., or from Nelkydd Lane. All other driving and walking routes to and...

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